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Facebook bans gender variant artist as their actual name sounded fake

Facebook bans gender variant artist as their actual name sounded fake

Gender variant artist Del LaGrace Volcano has been deleted off Facebook because they refused to believe their real name.

It’s part of an ongoing war between the social network and a wide variety of its users, including non-binary, transgender people, drag queens and others.

Volcano, who lives as both male and female, is internationally famous for producing images, films and performance focusing on the masculine and feminine.

Volcano claims to have provided official documentation to prove their legal name, in accordance with Facebook’s policies.

But Facebook reportedly refused to accept a US passport as proof of identity.

In a statement distributed through friends, Volcano explained: ‘I’ve received numerous emails from friends asking if I’m alright OR if I have blocked them on Facebook. I haven’t blocked anyone and other than being super frustrated I am fine!

‘What’s happened is that Facebook has again decided that my name is not authentic. Even though I have sent them copies of both my Swedish and my USA passports.

‘Since there is actually no way for someone who is not a FACE on Facebook to complain or even contact them and asking you to please share this on your wall and/or write to Facebook to ask why they keep making me (and many others) conform to conventional names.

‘The short story is that DEL LAGRACE VOLCANO IS my legally valid name!’

This latest ban comes at a time of renewed protest against Facebook’s names policy by the #mynameis campaign in the US.

Facebook claims to be protecting people by insisting that ‘legal’ names are used but others say this is being used to exclude people from the site.

There was outrage when they started the policy and Facebook even apologized and promised to change it in October last year.

However members of the LGBTI community continue to report being banned or harassed by Facebook for failing to conform to its ‘authentic names’ policy.

A petition asking that Facebook be barred from participation in San Francisco and New York Prides has been launched by user Lil Miss Hot Mess.

According to the petition statement: ‘In the eight months since this debacle began, it has become clear that Facebook’s apology was empty and their promise to make any real change to their policy was a lie.’

Facebook has repeatedly declined Gay Star News requests for detailed discussion of the names policy.

We have also asked them, in January 2015, to address the allegation that their policy may be in breach of diversity laws in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

Facebook have not responded to that question – though they did inform us the responsible team was busy.

We have also asked Facebook to comment on this latest ban, but have not heard from them.

UPDATE: ‘Shortly after being contacted by Gay Star News, Facebook re-instated Del
Lagrace Volcano’s profile. Neither apology nor explanation was forthcoming.’