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Facebook is dropping the Pride reaction emoji

Facebook is dropping the Pride reaction emoji

A LGBTI rainbow flag in Maui, Hawaii.

Facebook has decided to not bring back the Pride reaction emoji this year.

Last year, the rainbow flag was used millions of times as a reaction on multiple posts, pictures and events on social media.

But the populr emoji will not be available as a reaction this year.

Lisa Statton, a Facebook spokesperson, has said the company is not doing any forms of custom emojis.

‘We are no longer doing custom reactions for major holidays or moments in culture,’ she told the Business Insider.

The company has said it was a ‘new experience’.

Facebook users want Pride reaction emoji back

Users have noted their disappointment online.

Adrían de la Maza said: ‘Facebook the one thing I wanted from you for this month were Pride React. Are they coming? June is here!’

Ry Welchy said: ‘Hey Facebook. Where are the Pride Reacts?’

Facebook is releasing a full set of new Pride-themed filters and stickers on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram — just not a specific Pride reaction. These features will be available for the entire year.

Christian activists slam Facebook

Some Christian activists slammed Facebook last year for the Pride emojis.

But for some Christians, they felt left out because they didn’t have an emoji of their own.

Former television and radio evangelist Joshua Feuerstein shared a photo demanding there be a cross reaction emoji for those against the LGBTI community.

Feuerstein has over 2 million followers which allowed tons of angry Christians to express how they felt, siding with the evangelist.

However people supporting the LGBTI community quickly clapped back by flooding the post with Pride emojis.