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Facebook removes creepy ‘ex-gay’ advert made by Christian group who targeted LGBTI people

Facebook removes creepy ‘ex-gay’ advert made by Christian group who targeted LGBTI people

This Christian group advocates 'gay cure' therapy

Facebook has removed a creepy ‘ex-gay’ advert made by Christian group who targeted LGBTI people who liked ‘Gay Pride’ on the site.

Anchored North, an evangelist group releasing media to spread the word of the gospel, posted the expensively produced video starring an ‘ex-gay’.

They used Facebook’s algorithms on the sponsored post to reach adults in the United States with an interest in ‘Gay Pride’. It had over 200,000 views.

Speaking to Gay Star News, a Facebook spokesperson said: ‘This ad violates our advertising policies, and has been removed.’

However, at the time of publishing, the video itself still remains on Anchored North’s Facebook page.

Facebook’s advertising policies restricts against illegal content (conversion therapy for minors is illegal in six US states and 11 cities) and must not contain discriminatory material based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Facebook is investigating the ‘ex-gay’ video

The video stars Becket, who began his testimony by saying he identified as gay early.

‘I thought in high school that eventually I’d get older, get married and have kids. It would all go away. But it didn’t,’ Becket said.

‘When I went to college I felt more like homosexuality was becoming my core identity…and God went further on the back burner.’

Becket moved to Los Angeles, and says he was attending premieres and the Emmys, Grammys and Oscars.

‘The life I was living was satisfying, fun, I felt high from it. I remember looking at the sea of people all having the time of their lives and I just felt so empty and dead inside. I felt so alone,’ he added.

Six months after this, he was in a coffee shop and there were two missionaries. He talked to them, and asked about homosexuality. While they said it was a sin, he continued talking to them. They then invited him to church.

‘Somehow I got up Sunday morning the pastor comes out and he started preaching from Roman’s Chapter 7, all of a sudden the Holy Spirit flooded me. That’s when I saw the holiness of God and my sinfulness at the same time,’ Becket said.

‘I just started bawling, it was a mix of joy and sorrow. Sorrow over my sin and joy over meeting the king of the universe.’

God ‘spoke’ to ex-gay Christian

Becket says that God ‘spoke’ to him, saying: ‘You’re now in my kingdom, you’re now my child and we are reconciled and we have a relationship.’

He then begins to use words in the video, likely specifically chosen, to sway those who believe in pro-LGBTI statements.

‘When I was living that gay life for many years, I was 100% sure that was my identity. I felt like I was born that way, it was my orientation it was my identity. I felt it was immutable,’ he said.

‘One of the things that happened during that moment of conversion was I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that homosexuality was not who I was, my identity was in Christ.

‘Homosexuality is the dealbreaker for the LGBT community when it comes to Christianity. And I felt the same way. People say isn’t it unloving to say homosexuality is a sin? No it’s unloving to let people spend eternity apart from God. That’s unloving.’

He concludes: ‘Whether you believe it or not, we’re all going to face Christ on the last day. Do you want temporary pleasure right now, or do you want eternity with God?’

‘This is the kind of content that literally kills people’

Because Anchored North intended to specifically reach LGBTI people with this advert, many of the comments oppose the video’s existence.

‘This is the kind of content that literally kills people,’ one said.

‘This is the same ideology that my parents used against me for years, and almost killed me. Disgusting “advertising” if you’d even call it that. I feel bad for this man, thinking he can’t believe in God and be gay at the same time.’

Another said: ‘Wow, Facebook, fuck you for suggesting a conversion therapy testimony on my news feed. Fag for LYFE!

And one more argued: ‘You cannot pray the gay away. With enough brainwashing and a church full of people telling you that you’re disgusting and must deny yourself love and attraction and the threat of eternity in hell, of course this guy gave up his identity.

‘How absolutely sad to see someone that desperate for acceptance. Imagine hating yourself that much.’

Conversion therapy does not work and any attempt to ‘cure’ your sexuality is considered widely harmful to a person’s mental and physical health. It has also been widely condemned by every mainstream health and psychiatry organization in the world.