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Fadi Fawaz deletes Twitter after promising to ‘tell all’ on George Michael death

Fadi Fawaz deletes Twitter after promising to ‘tell all’ on George Michael death

George Michael and Fadi Fawaz on vacation

George Michael’s ex-boyfriend Fadi Fawaz has deleted his Twitter after saying he would ‘tell all’ on the superstar’s death.

Pink News reports that photographer Fawaz, 44, offered to reveal ‘everything’ about George Michael, who died on Christmas Day 2016.

Shortly after the post, he appeared to have left the social media platform and deleted his account altogether.

George Michael and his boyfriend, photographer Fadi Fawaz
George Michael and his boyfriend, photographer Fadi Fawaz

Fadi Fawaz: ‘I’m not sorry, I don’t care any more’

In a string of 12 now-deleted tweets Fawaz wrote: ‘Dear George another time that I have to humiliate me and yourself in order to get my right that I have been waiting for.

‘I sick and tired asking my rights from lawyers. So here we go again, back to square 0.

‘No money, effort, anything s*** coz I’m being kind towards you.’

(Picture: Twitter)

Going on, Fawaz appeared to address the media saying:  ‘Please get in touch now I’m ready to tell everything I know.

‘I’m not sorry, I don’t care any more,’ he wrote before deleting his account completely.

Since his passing, members of Michael’s family have accused him of leaking stories to the press and asking for money.

Fawaz strongly denies the claims.

George Michael in the video for White Light
George Michael passed away in Goring-On-Thames, Oxfordshire on Christmas Day 2016 | Photo: George Michael/White Light

Not the first time Fadi ‘vanished’ from Social Media

Fadi last disappeared from Twitter in May 2017,  after he went on an hours-long rant in the early hours of 10 May.

His posts left his followers worried for Fawaz’s safety.

One tweet said the photographer was ‘almost out of patient love and kindness’; in another, Fawaz said he was ‘done with you god I really am’.

One of Fawaz’s last tweets read: ‘Please forgive me for what i am about to do’.

Fadi Fawaz's Instagram posting on the anniversary of George Michael's death
Fadi Fawaz’s Instagram posting (Image: @fadi_fawaz | Instagram)

On the anniversary of Michael’s death in 2017,  he posted an image to his Instagram on the anniversary of the late singer’s death.

The image showed Fawaz’s face superimposed against a black and white image of Michael’s face.

A bloody tear runs from Fawaz’s eye.

Blurred wording runs over Michael’s cheek. It appeared to say the following:

I will always miss you
Till the day I meet you
My story to tell you
In your sleep I found you
Into your dreams I follow you
From your sleep I wake you

This love will wake you
Hope will feed you
The world will show you
For a day to see you
From your sleep to keep you

Fawaz discovered Michael’s body at his home in Goring-On-Thames, Oxfordshire, UK, on Christmas Day 2016 and alerted authorities.

It was at first thought that they had been together in the house over Christmas Eve.

However it was later revealed that Fawaz had fallen asleep in his car the night before and discovered Michael’s body the next day.