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Failing to be inclusive, Victoria’s Secret to close dozens of stores

Failing to be inclusive, Victoria’s Secret to close dozens of stores

A Victoria's Secret store in Las Vegas

Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret announced on Thursday (28 February) that it will be closing 53 stores this year. They cite a ‘decline in performance’ as a reason.

However, these closures may not come as a shock, considering the criticism the brand has received in recent months. Victoria’s Secret faced criticism for failure to include diverse bodies in their marketing campaigns as well as in their sizing.

What happened?

Back in November, former CMO of the brand, Ed Razek, said they will not have transgender or plus-size models walk the Victoria’s Secret fashion show because it is ‘a fantasy.’ He soon resigned following backlash for these comments.

Now, following a 3% decline in store sales overall in 2018, dozens of stores will be closed.

Social Media Reactions

Many on social media, including celebrities like Bette Midler, mocked these store closures. In a ‘told you so’-esque reaction, people took to Twitter and Facebook to celebrate this as a win for diversity.

On Twitter

‘Experts say Victoria’s Secret’s troubles came because they relied too heavily on push-up bras and celebrity models,’ Midler Tweeted on 1 March. ‘But is it that weird that women didn’t want to shop at a store with the personality of a lecherous rich guy?’

‘Should have let the fat girls wear panties,’ another Twitter user wrote. ‘Life comes at you fast.’

‘Victoria’s Secret wouldn’t be closing if they supported trans & plus size women,’ someone else on Twitter wrote.

‘Well maybe if u guys stopped hating on trans/plus sized people and came out with a real apology instead of the weak one you did come out with, this might not be happening,’ yet another Twitter user said. ‘Also you overprice everything.’

On Facebook

‘I see you’ll be closing some stores this year,’ someone wrote on the brand’s Facebook page. ‘Maybe if you guys were willing to carry some larger sizes you wouldn’t be in this boat. Just sayin’.’

‘The secret is out. You don’t like fat people,’ another Facebook user added.

Anything else?

Meanwhile, trans-inclusive lingerie brands like Carmen Liu lingerie are receiving incredible feedback.

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