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Drag kid picture used to promote fake Pride sponsored by pedophile group

Drag kid picture used to promote fake Pride sponsored by pedophile group

A picture of drag kid Desmond Napoles was used to promote a fake Pride in Bend, Oregon.

The posters advertised the alleged Pride event featuring pedophile advocacy group National Association of Man-Boy Love (NAMBLA) among the sponsors. In a disturbing side note, the purple flyer also encouraged attendees to ‘bring the kids’.

A close up of drag kid Desmond is Amazing while someone is doing his makeup
Desmond is Amazing stars in NYC Pride Campaign ‘Defiantly Different’ | Photo: NYC Pride YouTube

Desmond Is Amazing

11-year-old Desmond is also known as Desmond Is Amazing on social media. On his channels, he shares pictures of his transformations and outfits.

The image used for the fake flyers portrays Desmond in a tutu and shimmering tank top walking the Pride parade in New York City back in 2015.

When his family found out about the posters, they took to Instagram to urge people in Oregon to ‘tear them down immediately’.

Pedophile Todd Nickerson to give a speech at the fake Pride

Furthermore, according to the flyer, pedophile Todd Nickerson was going to give a speech at the march.

Nickerson, living in Savannah, Tennessee, is a self-professed pedophile. He claimed he has experienced attraction to young girls although he has never abused one.

The posters caused confusion in the community

The flyers appeared ahead of the real Central Oregon Pride last 23 June. To add to the confusion, the Human Dignity Coalition, which is the real organization behind the Pride in Bend, Oregon, featured between the ‘fake’ sponsors.

‘Several people sent me photos asking if it was the real thing,’ the president of the advocacy group Jamie Bowman told magazine them. in the aftermath of the incident.

Bowman is a straight ally. Her two transgender kids, aged 7 and 9, introduced her to the LGBTI community.

Despite having tried repeatedly to get a permit to host a Pride in Bend, the Human Dignity Coalition never managed to get one. However, they decided to march anyway this year holding the first annual march in the city, located in the mostly Republican Deschutes County.

Trans activist and adult film producer Buck Angel took part to the Central Oregon Pride march | Photo: @humandignitycoalition/Instagram