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False religion with new gay God is taking over UN, Catholics warn

False religion with new gay God is taking over UN, Catholics warn

The creation of Adam from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo

The United Nations is establishing a false religion complete with a new god by embracing LGBTI issues, a Catholic think-tank says.

The United Nations Human Rights Council will vote tomorrow (30 June) to establish the first UN Independent Expert on sexual orientation and gender identity.

But Catholic at the US-based Centre for Family and Human Rights – C-Fam – prophesies this will lead to ‘utter disaster’.

They then ask for money.

‘A major catastrophe is about to happen at UN Headquarters in Geneva,’ says C-Fam in a message to supporters. ‘The sexual revolutionaries are about to defeat the forces of truth and goodness.

‘It has been the long-term project of the sexual revolutionaries to undermine the teachings of the Church and to impose a new sexual orthodoxy on the whole world. The new sexual orthodoxy is nothing more than a new religion celebrating a new god, an angry god, a jealous god.’

Armageddon awaits. The UN is in league with the devil.

‘What is going on right now is that the radical left is trying to put the purely devilish phrase “sexual orientation and gender identity” into international law. If this happens, utter disaster will follow,’ C-Fam says.

But fear not heathens, there is a route to salvation.

‘DONATE,’ says C-Fam, in block capitals.

‘We can only do so much. We can go no further than your prayers and financial assistance take us.’

The statement came just two days after Pope Francis said Catholics should seek forgiveness from the gay community for past wrongs.

‘We Christians have to apologize for so many things, not just for this, but we must ask forgiveness. Not just apologize – forgiveness,’ the Pope said.

If the new expert’s job is agreed by the UN, they won’t have much time for establishing a new religion.

Their job will be to assess laws and report on the brutal infringement of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people around the world.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated C-Fam an anti-LGBT hate group, though C-Fam denies the charge.