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‘Family march’ counter Pride to be held at Haifa Pride in Israel

‘Family march’ counter Pride to be held at Haifa Pride in Israel

Haifa Pride celebrations in 2007 | Yuval Y / Wikimedia Commons

The 3,000 people who annually attend the Haifa Pride in Israel will have quite the act to follow as an anti-Pride is set to be held the day before.

According to The Jerusalem Post, locals are planning the counter Pride to stress the importance of ‘traditional values.’

The ‘Family March’ Facebook page was taken down my the social media website’s moderators.

What is the anti-Pride for?

Organizers of the Family Match aim to hold their march the day before the LGBTI Pride this Friday (28 June).

The group behind the anti-LGBTI march claimed they have ‘recieved massive support from everyone.’

‘Religious, secular, new olim, and old citizens alike all supported us.

‘A citizen who made aliyah from Russia translated the pamphlet to Russian and distributed it among his friends, the support was tremendous.’

Moreover, organizers allegedly distributed homophobic flyers to members of the public.

In it, they claimed that: ‘There are already companies in Israel that black market the womb of third-world women in a child-rearing farm, and are exploiting the tragedy of these disadvantaged women for the sake of same-sex couples.’

What about the actual Pride?

Meanwhile, organizers have held Haifa Pride for more than a decade.

The 3 kilometer long parade route culminates in Gan HaEm Park in Haifa’s Merkaz HaCarmel neighborhood on Mount Carmel.

More than 5,000 LGBTI people and allies attended the parade on 2017. Although local government rallied increased security, Pride-goers did not report any disturbances in the northern city.

LGBTI rights in Israel

A homophobic attack occurs every 10 hours in Israel and a homophobic social media post every four minutes, a report showed.

However, LGBTI rights in Israel are among the most tolerant in Asia. Publishers frequently refer to Tel Aviv as one of the most LGBTI-friendly cities in the world.

Moreover, LGBTI folks in the country are able to donate blood, adopt, and serve openly in the military.

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