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Family Research Council fellow blames Isla Vista shooting on gay marriage

A senior fellow with the anti-gay Family Research Council has tried to connect gay marriage to the Isla Vista shooting by heterosexual student and virgin Elliot Rodgers

Family Research Council fellow blames Isla Vista shooting on gay marriage

Family Research Council senior fellow Ken Blackwell made the extraordinary claim on Tuesday that last Friday’s Isla Vista shootings by self confessed heterosexual virgin Elliot Rodgers are linked to gay couples being able to marry.

In YouTube videos and a 140 page manifesto Rodgers stated the reason he had gone on a shooting rampage that killed three and stabbed another three people in his apartment was because he was angry at women denying him sex.

However Blackwell has a different theory.

He told Family Research Council president Tony Perkins that he thought, ‘the crumbling of the moral foundation of the country [and] the attack on natural marriage and the family,’ were more likely to be to blame.

‘When these fundamental institutions are attacked and destroyed and weakened and abandoned, you get what we are now seeing, and that is a flood of disturbed people in our society.’ he said.

Blackwell said that advocates for gun control were ‘blaming the Second Amendment’ when they should be ‘talking about what is at the root cause of the problem.’

The comments were uncovered by Right Wing Watch – a project of the group People For The American Way.

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