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Family sues Walgreens for $525 million after gay son killed by security guard

Family sues Walgreens for $525 million after gay son killed by security guard

Jonathan hart, shot and killed by Walgreens security guard

A family in California is suing the pharmacy chain Walgreens after their loved one, a gay black man, was reportedly shot and killed by a security guard.

Jonathan Hart, 21, got into a fight at a Walgreens in Hollywood when the guard allegedly accused him of shoplifting. During the 2 December fight, the guard allegedly shot Hart in the neck and killed him.

Now Hart’s family are suing the company for more than half a billion dollars, $525 million, and calling for a boycott.

Hart, known as Sky Young to some, was homeless at the time of his death. His family believes this factor, as well as his identity as a gay black man, were the reasons for his death.

‘I dare say, Jonathan Hart was profiled because he was homeless. He was harassed because he was gay, and he was shot because he was black,’ said the family’s attorney, Carl E. Douglas.

Douglas was O.J. Simpson’s defense attorneys.

He continued: ‘I gave this family a pledge: that Jonathan will not have died in vain, and that, on behalf of the people of America, through the spirit of Jonathan Hart, we are gonna make Walgreens pay.’

According to reports, the security guard has not been identified or arrested yet.

Deepest condolences

GSN reached out to Walgreens for comment. According to the company’s statement (below), they terminated the security company.

We have extended our deepest and most sincere condolences to Mr. Hart’s family.  As a result of this tragic incident, we immediately terminated the security company, and we continue to fully cooperate in the ongoing police investigation.

We are committed to providing a safe environment for our employees, patients and customers in the communities we serve.  We contract for armed and unarmed security, as well as video surveillance, in our stores based on the public safety needs of each location.

We operate in thousands of communities and neighborhoods across the nation and the suggestion that we would inappropriately serve any community is simply false.  We firmly believe everyone should be welcomed and treated equally in all of our stores.

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