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Fans accuse BBC Sherlock creators of queerbaiting after series 4 trailer

Fans accuse BBC Sherlock creators of queerbaiting after series 4 trailer

Are the show runners of the BBC's hit series Sherlock hinting at a gay romance (again)?

The BBC have released a new trailer for the upcoming season of Sherlock, but fans are accusing the broadcaster of queerbaiting.

From 1 January, the BBC will air the hit show’s fourth season, consisting of three new episodes.

The new trailer, released on Sunday (11 December), shows Benedict Cumberbatch as the world’s most famous detective once more being confronted by his past demons.

Fans mainly encounter a mix of familiar and new faces – inluding the detective’s brother Mycroft as well a new villain – and a burning house looking at lot like the Holmes’ family home.

In the last scene, Sherlock looks at the camera saying ‘I love you’ to an unspecified person.

The fandom was onto it in a heartbeat, saying there’s only one possible person he could’ve said it to: his best friend and presumed love interest, John Watson.

But if you think the Johnlock shippers would rejoice, you’re wrong – the opposite is the case.

If that sentence leaves you confused: Johnlock is the couple name for John (Watson) and Sherlock, and shipping has nothing to do with big boats, but rather with hoping two characters of a show/book/game become a couple.

Ever since Sherlock first aired, showrunners Steven Moffat and (the openly gay himself) Mark Gatiss have been accused of queerbaiting their audience.

Through their close friendship and living together, Sherlock Holmes could always be read with a queer subtext.

Moffat and Gatiss are adding even more to it, fans are saying, but have no intention of ever following through with the hinted at near-relationship.

Watch the trailer below:

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