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Faroe Islands says yes to same-sex marriage

Faroe Islands says yes to same-sex marriage

Faroe Islands has passed same-sex marriage

Faroe Islands, a self-governing archipelago part of Denmark, has passed same-sex marriage.

Comprising of 18 rocky, volcanic islands between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean, it is the final Nordic country to adopt same-sex legal unions in any form.

Politicians voted 19 to 14 in favor of same-sex marriage today (29 April).

Denmark legalized same-sex marriage in 2012.

The only difference between the two laws will be is that while Denmark allows same-sex couples to wed in churches, the Faroe Islands will not. Marrying in churches was left out of the law for fear the Christian parties would vote against it.

In a 2013 poll, two thirds of Faroese people said they support same-sex marriage.

This led to the first gay person elected to the Faroese parliament in 2015, Sonja Jógvansdóttir, who received the third most votes in the country.