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Father fined after beating, kidnapping and pouring boiling water over his gay teen son

Father fined after beating, kidnapping and pouring boiling water over his gay teen son

When 15-year-old Nasser El-Ahmed came out as gay to his parents, he never expected how his father would respond.

The teen’s father beat him, poured boiling water over him and threatened to ram a knife into his throat.

The uncle of the Lebanese teen born in Berlin also doused him in petrol and threatened to set him on fire.

He called the teen several homophobic slurs, including ‘pansy’, and would beat him with cables.

Speaking to Bild newspaper, the now 18-year-old El-Ahmed said he ‘paralyzed’ with fear after coming out.

‘My uncle poured petrol over me and came up to me with a lighted cigarette shouting, "Are you queer?" I screamed, "No, no,"’ he said.

‘My father said he would personally ram a knife into my throat.’

El-Ahmed ran away to a refuge for abused women but was persuaded to return home by his mother, only to be kidnapped and bundled into a car to Lebanon in December 2012.

He said his relatives thought forcing him to marry a woman would ‘put him back on the right path.’

But when they reached the Romanian-Bulgarian border two days later, guards intervened and sent him back to Berlin.

In a landmark decision, a Berlin court convicted El-Ahmed’s father and two uncles of kidnapping and abduction.

They were not present at the trial, but they were ordered to pay fines of €1,350 ($1,430) each.

El-Ahmad, who wore ‘Stop Homophobia’ badge and rainbow wristband at the trial, said he hoped his plight would raise awareness of the challenges faced by many gay Muslims.

‘I have managed to bring this case to court. For me this chapter in my life is over now,’ he said after the judgment.

‘I’m not someone who hides away. I don’t want to suppress my sexuality.’