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Father surprises gay daughters with special first tattoo

Father surprises gay daughters with special first tattoo

Do you know what never gets old? Love. Support. Surprise tattoos from fathers in honor of their gay daughters.

On the last day of Pride month (30 June), Kaitlyn Atwell shared such a story and touched the hearts of tens of thousands of people on Twitter.

‘I convinced my dad to get his first tattoo and he sent me something that my little sister painted…. let’s just say I’m a crying mess right now 😭❤️,’ she wrote on the social media platform.

Atwell attached screenshots of the text conversation between her and her dad, John Atwell.

‘My heart is bursting’

The tweet has been liked nearly 325,000 times and retweeted over 46,000 times. Needless to say, Atwell’s relationship with her father, and the simple gesture he made, touched a lot of people.

It’s not hard to see why.

The texts start with a sketch of a tattoo done by Atwell’s sister. It shows a pair of lips, painted and bleeding rainbow, baring teeth and what appears to be a piercing. It’s unclear, however, if it’s the tattoo John is going to get.

He tells Atwell ‘the first one’ is one of his favorites.

Text messages between father and daughter
Atwell’s texts with her father | Photo: Twitter @kaitlynnatwell

‘That would mean so much to her,’ Atwell responds. ‘Damnit I’m gonna cry.’

John then tells her to look at some of her sister’s sketches and asks where he should get the tatoo. When Atwell asks if he’d get the tattoo in black or color, the emotions come pouring out.

‘I think I’d have to get the color. She put the colors for a reason. It’s almost pride like right?!’ he points out. ‘I do have two gay daughters whom I’m very proud of, so I think I would definitely get the color.’

Text messages between father and daughter
Atwell’s texts with her father (cont) | Photo: Twitter @kaitlynnatwell

‘I love you so much, my heart is bursting right now,’ Atwell writes to her father. ‘Thank you for loving me and for loving who I love and for treating us like we’re literally just human beings who like other human beings.’

Then it’s dad’s turn to cry.

‘I love you and your sisters with every ounce of me, kid!’

The updates

Atwell provided several follow-up tweets about her father and his newfound internet fame.

‘My dad is crying AGAIN from everyone commenting and sharing. He’s so proud of each of you even if your parents don’t feel the same way,’ she wrote in the first one.

Everyone in the comments was moved by Atwell’s support for his gay daughters.

Then she tweeted her father suggested making a YouTube channel ‘to help people’. In her final update, she revealed her father got his own Twitter account.

‘I’m very overwhelmed and humbled by all of the attention my daughters tweet has garnered. I’m by no means anything special. I just love my kids,’ he wrote, before promising: ‘I’ll have Kaitlyn update when I get my tattoo!’

The cute doesn’t end there.

John retweeted one of Atwell’s tweets about being able to have ‘genuine, respectful parents especially in the south’ with a simple message.

Atwell also shared a short clip of her and her dad jamming out to Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone.

GSN reached out to both Kaitlyn and John Atwell for comment.

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