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Father tries to kill intersex baby three times for being a ‘monster’

Father tries to kill intersex baby three times for being a ‘monster’

Intersex baby abandoned by his father and grandfather

A father and grandfather have been arrested after trying to kill an intersex child three times because they believed it was a ‘monster’.

Yang Xiaoqing, the mother of the child, gave birth to the baby on 13 May in Anyang, Henan in China.

‘We thought we would have a girl,’ the mother told the state-run China Daily. ‘But soon we were told the “girl” is actually a boy, with an atrophic sex organ. We panicked and got concerned.’

Her husband, unnamed by the newspaper, then attempted to kill the baby as ‘he is neither a boy nor a girl’ but a ‘monster’

Intersex babies are rare, around 1 in 2,000, born with both male and female genitals.

The father at first attempted to cover the baby’s face with a wet towel in an attempt to smother the child.

But then Yang heard the baby’s crying and stopped the husband.

Three days later, he again attempted to smother the infant by covering his face with a wet towel and diapers. But again, the mother stopped her husband from murder.

‘He could not bear to kill his own flesh and blood after all, and my father-in-law took over,’ Yang said, remembering when her baby was missing and called the police.

Authorities then found the baby’s grandfather had abandoned him outside the village.

‘After he was found, he did not eat for 12 hours. I was holding the baby. My heart is broken. He may be a monster to others, but to me, he is and will always be my sweetest baby,’ the mother said.