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Feces sent to French mayor after marrying gay couple

Feces sent to French mayor after marrying gay couple

The mayor of Montpellier is currently the target of a hate campaign after marrying a loving gay couple in France on 29 May.

Hélène Mandroux has received threats from anti-equal marriage campaigners, including a package filled with feces.

According to Montpellier newspaper Midi Libre, government officials discovered the unwelcome package among the many letters after the first same-sex wedding took place last week.

Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau tied the knot despite a protest outside the ceremony.

Mandroux married another couple, Rouesne Saunier and Carole Leonard in Montpellier on Saturday (1 June).

After the Marriage for All bill was passed last month and signed into law by President Francois Hollande, the protests have still not stopped.

During the debates, France saw a sharp rise in anti-gay attacks. Legislators in support of the bill were also threatened with some being sent death threats.

Claude Bartolone, the head of the French parliament, was sent a letter containing gunpowder ordering him to put off a vote on same-sex marriage or face the consequences.

Socialist members of parliament Sylviane Bulteau and Hugues Fourage were all sent letters from anti-gay extremists threatening to kidnap or kill them and their loved ones.

Mandroux said uniting same-sex couples in marriage was not a political act.

She said: ‘Through the union of Vincent and Bruno, we’re living a major advance for society. A major discrimination is disappearing.

‘As a doctor by profession, I’ve always felt that to be discriminated against because of sexual orientation was unacceptable.

‘Vincent Autin says it’s the victory of love over hate, and I can only agree.’