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Feel good song celebrates India’s LGBTI women

Feel good song celebrates India’s LGBTI women

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Recording artist Pragya Pallavi is not only breaking the glass ceiling in India’s music scene, she’s absolutely smashing.

The openly lesbian Pallavi is fighting for better representation of LGBTI women in India, especially in the music scene.

‘I’m really happy that you are talking to me both as a woman and a lesbian,’ she told Gay Star News.

‘I feel that this is a sort of double struggle, as music industries and other industries tend to be male dominated, and also of course straight dominated.

‘And when you see people becoming more visible and celebrated from the (LGBTI) Community, very often it tends to be gay men.

‘I am glad to represent myself as coming from different identities, being a woman, being gender fluid, being a lesbian. It is not easy but it is not impossible either.’

Pallavi will release, Queerism, India’s first queer themed musical album on 17 May. But to mark International Women’s Day she released the second single.

Girls You Rule!

The album’s second single called, Girls You Rule!, is a catchy girl power anthem that encourages women to understand their strengths.

Pallavi shot the song’s video in Mumbai and features women and girls from diverse communities, classes and even gender identities.

This colorful street-style video featuring ordinary people matches the simple, acoustic feel of the song.  The optimistic, feel good video is a happy accompaniment to this song about empowering women.

‘I’m a person who is not confined to any single genre, nationality, religion or gender,’ Pallavi said.

‘I want to bring together Indian and western, contemporary and traditional musical influences in a way that all types of people can relate to. I know songs have the power to create a movement, this is my attempt at being that voice for LGBTIQ persons across the world.’

The musician acknowledged having her partner and family’s support has allowed her to express her sexuality through her music.

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