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WATCH: Gay singer releases anthem celebrating feelings and crushes

WATCH: Gay singer releases anthem celebrating feelings and crushes

The Feelings music video was directed by Hayley Kiyoko

Singer Hayley Kiyoko has blessed queer women with a new song and music video.

The singer describes herself as a ‘gay woman‘ and is unapologetically so in her music.

Previous singles include Girls Like Girls and SLEEPOVER, both of which look at crushing on women.

Her new track, Feelings, is an open and honest look at the emotions you get in a crush.

In an interview, she explained: ‘Feelings is super special to me because I think a lot of people can relate to the emotions that are brought on by being completely hooked on someone.’

Hayley said today’s society encourages people in today’s dating scene to suppress those feelings. She wanted to instead write an anthem celebrating’ those emotions.

She continued: ‘We have feelings, we get involved, and sometimes we can’t control it. After all, we’re human.’

‘Every music video is a hurdle’

Her music video for Sleepover also featured two women and when she pitched the idea for it, she recalls someone saying ‘Is it gonna be another music video about two girls?’

‘And I was like, “Well, yeah, it is, because that’s my life!” There’s only allowed to be one? All these other artists are singing about guys every single video.

‘Why can’t I sing about girls more than once? Why is that a special thing? Obviously, every video is gonna be different, but why is that something that I can’t do?” she explained.

Hayley says every music video is a hurdle, and as a gay woman, she is constantly ‘having to drive my point of trying to normalize girl-on-girl relationships.’

Watch the music video for Feelings below.