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These 10 gift ideas will help your femme friend slay the game this Christmas

These 10 gift ideas will help your femme friend slay the game this Christmas

A pink shirt that read 'Girls are great' in red writing

Coco Chanel once said: ‘A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.’

With our nifty gift guide, you can help your femme friend do exactly that!

While a ‘femme’ is originally described as being a lesbian ‘whose appearance and behavior are seen as traditionally feminine’, any queer gal can be femme.

Scroll down to take a peruse at our suggestions.

If you see something you like along the way, go ahead! Treat yourself! It’s December and you deserve it.

S l a y @ciara_nic0le wearing HAPPI and VIBE Metallic Velvetines ✨ VIBE has sold out, subscribe on to be notified when it comes back! | Photo: limecrimemakeup Instagram

Lime Crime Metallic Velvetines

Everyone femme woman loves a good lip and they don’t come better than Lime Crime. They’re a completely vegan and cruelty-free, which makes them an all the more attractive brand.

Metallic lips are very in right now and Lime Crime’s formula keeps your lips hydrated while drying down to give this cool liquid metal look. A single Metallic Velvetine will cost you $20.00 (€16.98). We suggest Happi or Siren.

Strong, fearless and dangerously curious #girlsaregreat #girlfashion #femaleempowerment #shoplinkinbio | Photo: itsthesassygirl Instagram

The Sassy Girl

Everyone needs their fair share of t-shirts that they can throw on when they’re in the rush in the morning. Why not add to your femme friends collection of t-shirts with this perfectly pink piece?

Dainty and simple, this Girls Are Great tee will cost you $36.62 (€31.10).  It has a red, white and blue option. The Sassy Girl also has an iconic collection of enamel pins we’d also definitely recommend you take a look at.

Hi lovelies: so as the majority has voted in favour of a GIVEAWAY here we go. To celebrate all those fab Femmes and Femme-appreciators out there I’m giving away one of my FEMME pins and send it to you wherever you are based in the world All you have to do to enter the draw is, to re-post the picture and tag me in it. Comment below once you done it ☺️ I will announce the winner in 48h. Much love to you all | Photo: thedefiantfemme Instagram

Defiant Femme

Chaka Bachman is the ‘unapologetically femme’ woman behind these iconic Femme badges. You may recognise her from her appearance on the UK dating show First Dates.

These badges are for ‘all those hard femmes, queer rebels, lipstick-lovers and femme-appreciators out there.’ And the best part is, they only cost $9.38 (€7.96) for one. So take a note from Chaka and celebrate your ‘defiantly fabulous Femme-selves!’

Rose cookie cutter! Get it now from, worldwide shipping from London, UK. Please visit! Xoxo | Photo: bakerlogy Instagram


Baking up a storm is the most therapeutic thing you can do on a Sunday afternoon. Why not femme-up a friends cookie creations by getting them a rose shaped cookie cutter?

This cookie cutter costs $7.34 (€6.23). They’re so inexpensive, why stop there? There are also lipstick shaped cookie cutters and corset cookie cutters.

“My life motto is everything is eventual, everything happens for a reason, so you just need to embrace what you are given and make lemonade out of lemons sometimes.” ⭐️⚡️✨ @munroebergdorf #KEEPONBEINGYOU #babesofmissguided | Photo: missguided Instagram


You can’t walk down a street without seeing an epic poster for Missguided’s Keep On Being You campaign. And for good reason too. The campaign features a diverse range of people and faces, all wearing whatever they hell they want. They even included Munroe Bergdorf!

For your femme gal though, we suggest this pink halterneck midi dress. Any party they wear it to, all eyes will be on them in this fabulous number! It costs $68 (€60), so is on the pricier side of things, but is totally worth it.

An asian woman using the milky piggy bubblemask
Photo: elizavecca_ Instagram

Elizavecca Milky Piggy

While skincare is important, it can often seen like a chore – So why not make things fun again! This mask is sure to lift spirits as it bubbles after application. It only takes one YouTube search to see the mask in action.

Elizavecca is the Korean beauty and skincare company behind this genius creation. This mask is clay based, which means it’ll work wonders at absorbing up oil and leaving your skin feeling tight and smooth. One tub of this carbonated bubble clay mask costs $11.70 (€9.97) so don’t hesitate in snapping one up now.

Super Chunky Champagne Pink being added to the store today!! 😍 | Photo: ecostardust Instagram


We love glitter as much as the next person, but we love being environmentally friendly even more. With a potential glitter ban on the horizon, now is the time to to eco-friendly!

EcoStardust make biodegradable glitter that is super cheap too. They’re also going a step further and shifting towards making sure all of their packaging and posting materials are biodegradable friendly. A single pot of glitter costs a mere $4.71 (€4.02) so why not treat your friend to a tub or two?

Traveling this holiday season? @StilaCosmetics Ready to Jet Makeup Trio has three staple makeup products for an easy festive look: liquid lipstick, liquid liner, and mascara! What is your favorite Stila Cosmetics product? Let us know in the comments. | Photo: birchbox Instagram


We understand that ladies on the go might not have a moment to touch up their make up.

This collaboration between Birchbox and Stila brings you a handy-dandy Ready to Jet Makeup Trio. Inside the cute pouch you can find a waterproof liquid eye liner in black, mascara and a red liquid lipstick. All three products together are valued $36 (€30.60) but this collection together costs a mere $20.00 (€17.00).

One of Suzanne's original pink Vaginaments
If I ever had a Brand ambassador or dictator or whatever they’re called…..❤❤❤ | Photo: feltmelons Instagram


It’s only fair that we started to put vaginas on the Christmas tree. After all, people have been hanging balls on them for years.

Let us introduce you to Isobel, one of the original vaginaments created by Feltmelon mastermind Suzanne McAleenan. This is a perfect gift your feminist friend. Isobel specifically costs $25.89 (€21.95) but other vaginaments vary in price.

❕NEW STOCK❕(and my new favourite item) This set of 3 floral slogan pencils are gold foil-stamped, eraser tipped and ready sharpened, for your stationery lover’s pleasure! Photo: calillustration Instagram


Cute little trinkets are the best kind of gift there is – Which is why you should consider these floral slogan pencils.

If your femme friend has a floral name, likes flowers or is a fan of stationary, then they’ll be over the moon to unwrap these on Christmas day. They simple and adorable. Chloe’s Instagram is also absolute #aestheticgoals. You can snatch up this set of three pencils for a mere $5.35 (€4.54).