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Get jolly with Mama Clause and St Nicky this festive season

Get jolly with Mama Clause and St Nicky this festive season

St Nicky takes a closer look

Christmas has been cancelled. Christmess will be taking it’s place.

Let us welcome you into the Nicky’s Imaginarium, a naughty and anarchistic world inhabited by St Nicky and his revolutionary theatrical entourage.

Christmess is set in a parallel world where see’s Christmas cancelled.

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St Nicky is harboring a group of rebel elves. They hide in an undercover hothouse of revolution thinly disguised as a present destruction factory.

At this unique festive residency, Ps & Qs are replaced with Gs & Ts. Table etiquette consists of dancing on them, and everyone’s in the mood for mischief.

The rebel elves will treat guests to a 12 dish soulful lunch or dinner with plentiful platters of Cajun roasted turkey. After, look forward to a bonanza of sweet things and other surprise treats.

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Prepare to enter a mesmeric world of Mama Claus’ hidden parlor-come-blues room.

Enjoy Santa’s Whiskey Grotto where guests can pay St Nick a visit to help plan the revolution.

Here you can find out if they’ve been naughty or nice, with suitable consequences for either.

Other bespoke entertainment includes a harem of Santa’s little helpers, lots of live music and plenty of Christmas sparkle.

Pray you’re lucky enough to discover the glittering Green Fairy who has set up a bottle shop in the form of a hidden absinthe bar, granting guests a wish and a little tincture to help them on their way.

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Secret festive world

Salvage presents from the elves at the makers market while exploring this secret festive world.

The downstairs workshop is open throughout the day, and is fill with the working studios of a host of independent makers.

Craftspeople from across the capital will be making and selling an abundant trove of stocking fillers including bespoke neon-signs, hand-drawn illustrations, vintage garments, antique curios and ceramics.

Makers will also be offering present making classes. Classes include Floral Wreath weaving from BLO:AUM and Beeswax candle making from Forest Garden.

Public tickets sit at £55 a head. Private hire options are available for both lunch & dinner featuring differing levels of debauchery. Christmess will catapult Londoners into a scintillating soiree of sybaritic festive chaos.

Buy you tickets here for your 13th December dinner experience here.

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