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Man explores secret fetish in new video from queer electro-pop duo FHAT

Man explores secret fetish in new video from queer electro-pop duo FHAT

Aaron Pfeiffer and Sedric Perry are FHAT

Alternative electronic R’n’B duo FHAT today unveil a video for their new track, Pleasure. And as the name suggests, it’s all about a man indulging in his secret pleasures.

The visual features actor Olise Odele, whom some of you may recognize from his appearances in the cult British comedy show, Chewing Gum.

FHAT formation

FHAT are Aaron and Sedric. The US men originally met at a party in the Hollywood Hills.

‘We didn’t speak too much at first, then we went out in WeHo after a gig I had and still didn’t speak much,’ Aaron tells Gay Star News. ‘Like cats, we were pensive and sizing each other up. Then at the end of the night, as we bid a farewell from the group, I asked Sedric if he was a vampire. Been inseparable ever since.’

Have they ever been romantic partners?

‘We haven’t been “boyfriends” but I have to say Sedric is one of the closest humans to ever be in my life. We are best friends and have grown so much together!’

‘One way to sum up the nature of our relationship is Bert and Ernie,’ adds Sedric. ‘It’d be weird to see one without the other.’

FHAT (Photo: Supplied)

Berlin boys

Aaron is originally from Pittsburgh and Sedric from Philadephia. They both now live in Berlin. What led them to Germany?

‘I was working with two producers from Düsseldorf and staying with them in berlin for two months,’ says Aaron. ‘In those two months I met so many labels, publishers, managers and producers I thought I would just stay. My mother is originally from a town near Cologne. It’s been two years in November.’

‘My original plan was to move to London and see some other cities before staying there for good,’ says Sedric.

‘I spent one week here and fell in love with the atmosphere. I visited a few times, got into a relationship, made some music, got a singing job, and eventually just decided to see what it was all about.’

‘It’s definitely a culture shock,’ says Sedric of Berlin. ‘But I appreciate the open minded nature and more socialist mindset. People seem to care a bit more, even though Germans can appear really hard on the exterior.’

‘It’s been a fortifying experience,’ adds Aaron. ‘You really can do whatever you want here which leaves it up to you, to be disciplined and organized. You can build an empire or go clubbing every night.’

Aaron and Sedric are FHAT
FHAT (Photo: Supplied)


The inspiration for the Pleasure video comes from real life. Like the character in the video, Sedric admits a love of bubblewrap.

‘It’s like catnip to me!’

‘Sedric threw the idea out there, very nonchalant, during a planning meeting and we were all like, “Yes! That’s brilliant”.’

And how did they come across their lead actor?

‘We met [Olisa] on a train last year in London,’ says Sedric. ‘He was beaming so much positive energy, we had to talk to him. We talked the entire train ride and stayed in contact for months after. After we solidified the concept for the video, Aaron suggested Oli be the star!

‘Originally we had a female dancer friend cast,’ says Aaron. ‘But Oli hit me up in a insta story singing along to Pleasure and I was like, “OK, what if he was in the video!” The narrative and the video might be even more powerful! We had a FaceTime which lasted over two hours and he loved the vision.’

Pleasure is out now. Follow FHAT on FacebookInstagram and Soundcloud.

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