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The RuPaul’s Dragcon pictures that have to be seen to be believed

The RuPaul’s Dragcon pictures that have to be seen to be believed

RuPaul (centre) brought Dragcon back to Los Angeles over the weekend

Following its inaugural gathering in 2015, RuPaul’s Dragcon returned to Los Angeles this past weekend – attracting over 20,000 drag fans and followers from all around the globe.

Running over two days at the LA Convention Center the event featured panel discussions, lipsynch competetitions, keynote speeches and exhibitors.

Speakers included dozens of Drag Race alumni and others from beyond the Drag Race world; singers Henry Rollins and Siedah Garrett, Project Runway’s Ashley Nell Tipton, bear rapper Big Dipper, YouTuber Todrick Hall and many others.

‘DragCon is an Amazing experience that I encourage people who are spiritually free to come enjoy themselves and have a weekend from judgments and hate!,’ performer TS Madison told Gay Star News.

‘The best part for me this year was MaMa Ru’s outstanding key note speech which he delivered on Sunday! Not only because he gave me a huge shout out but because he reminded the ‘kids’ to not take life so serious and enjoy the moment!’

RuPaul’s keynote speech found the legend talk movingly about how we’re all free to choose our identity.

‘We’re not separate, we are one organism experiencing humanity, experiencing life together, and we get to decide where we want to land – whether in the darkness or light.

‘I’ve been in the darkness. It wasn’t me. I choose to stay on the light.’

He warned people not to judge others for the path they choose to take, and to not get trapped into the identity of being a victim or downtrodden.

‘We are the creators of our own universe.’

One of those moved by the speech was songwriter and producer Ellis Miah, who worked with RuPaul on his most recent album.

‘This year felt like the best parts of a family reunion, a debutant ball and a trade show. The highlight was RuPaul’s Sunday keynote. In his one-hour, off-the-cuff talk he reminded all us of how much he accomplished and how every single one of us can do the same!’

Another one blown away by the event was UK’s own John Sizzle, co-owner of London hotspot The Glory.

‘I didn’t realize drag over here was such a family thing. There are strollers with toddlers, parents with pre-teens in tinsel wigs, mum’s with their drag 13-year-old sons. They love it here!

‘But what on earth is going on with this contouring business? It’s all getting a bit Picasso out there children! I love it though. The more extreme the better. Very creature babes!’

Check out more of the looks from the weekend below

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See you next year!

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