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Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui told not to come out by friends and family

Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui told not to come out by friends and family

Lauren Jauregui

Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui revealed her label’s executives, friends and family told her not to come out during the early stages of her career.

The openly bisexual singer said she feared she would ‘alienate’ sections of her fanbase if she did.

She told Out: ‘A lot of artists are held back by the notion that they’ll lose their fanbase or alienate themselves.

‘Even friends and family would tell me to keep it to myself. But the more I thought about it, the more I was like, why? She questioned.

Jauregui came out at the end of last year in a moving open letter to Donald Trump supporters.

She wrote: ‘I am a bisexual Cuban-American woman and I am so proud of it.

‘I am proud to be part of a community that only projects love and education and the support of one another,’ she said.

Lauren Jauregui: ‘People still talk shit’

In her recent interview, she talks about how people judge her for her lifestyle. She said: ‘People still talk shit.

‘But it’s like, why does it make you feel gross?

‘You can watch a kid get bombed and not do anything about it, but you can’t watch me kiss my girlfriend? Go fuck yourself,’ she said.

But she regrets labelling herself as bisexual at the time. She continued: ‘Even the fact that I labelled myself makes me mad sometimes, because dude, I’m just a free spirit.’

The Fifth Harmony singer recently collaborated with bisexual artist Halsey on a track called Strangers.

Strangers is about two women longing for one another. From the opening of the song, Halsey sings ‘She doesn’t kiss me on the mouth anymore.’

She also continually references her lover as ‘she’ several times, making it an unmistakable track about same-sex attraction.

Halsey’s label asked if she wanted to sing the duet with Katy Perry, but she refused, wanting to do the song justice.

She said: ‘I was like, I’m not putting an artist on this song unless they’re fucking gay.’