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Filmmaker thinks movie GBF unfairly given R rating because of its gay theme

Filmmaker thinks movie GBF unfairly given R rating because of its gay theme

The teen comedy G.B.F. has been slapped with an R rating in the US and the film’s director thinks it’s because of the film’s gay theme.

Darren Stein took to Facebook this week to complain about the decision by the Motion Picture Association of America which issues ratings.

‘I always thought of G.B.F. as a PG-13 movie, but we were given an R “For Sexual References” while not having a single F-bomb, hint of nudity or violence in the film,’ Stein stated.

He then made clear the MPAA decision is rooted in the film’s gay content: ‘Perhaps the ratings box should more accurately read “For Homosexual References” or “Too Many Scenes of Gay Teens Kissing.”‘

The movie’s plot revolves around how the three most popular girls at a high school – all rivals – compete for the latest must-have status symbol: a Gay Best Friend (G.B.F.).

Writes Stein: ‘I look forward to a world where queer teens can express their humor and desire in a sweet, fun teen film that doesn’t get tagged with a cautionary R.’

An R rating means anyone under the age of 17 cannot attend a film unless accompanied by an adult and such a restriction can cut into the potential grosses of a movie aimed at a teen market.

The film premiered in April at the Tribeca Film Festival and had successful screenings at major festivals such as Outfest in Los Angeles where it was the closing night presentation.

It hits theaters in the US on 17 January, 2014.

The MPAA had no immediate comment on the rating when contacted by Gay Star News on Friday.