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A spyware software claims to be able to tell parents if their son is gay

A spyware software claims to be able to tell parents if their son is gay

'If your son is homosexual, you may never be grandparents'

A spyware company claimed their software can tell parents if their ‘son is gay.’

Fireworld posted an article on their French website making the claims.

The website offers a list of ‘clues’ that your son is gay.

The list includes: He is shy, diva singers are one of his passions, his hygiene is impeccable, he pays attention to what he wears, he’s never seen with a girl, he is not interested in football and he has a piecing in his right ear/eyebrow/lip.

Parents are encouraged to download the spyware and hack their childs computer to discover ‘your son’s orientation as quickly as possible.’

The website states: ‘You will simply install a special program on your son’s computer. This will then start to monitor the entire activity of the PC. For example, to go back the history of the websites visited, everything that has been typed on the keyboard, even recover the passwords.’

'How can I be sure my son is gay?'
‘How can I be sure my son is gay?’ Twitter: @AmicaleRefuge

‘The article was not intended to be read’

The article also goes on to say: ‘If  your son is gay you may never be grandparents and you will not have the happiness of knowing your grandchildren. Unfortunately, on this point you must not be selfish. If your child is gay, he can not help because it is not a choice on his part.’

It adds parents should ‘accept him as he is.

Fireworld claims your son is still normal for his age ‘as long as he does not put on dresses and lipstick.’

The spyware searches the computer for history of visiting ‘gay forums’. It will also analyze his personal Facebook to see if he has sent messages to ‘other gay boys.’

Despite encouraging parents to spy on their child, the website explicitly states spying on a computer other than your own without permission is illegal.

But there in some cases where it ‘may be legal.’

One of these being using their software to ‘ensure that your children do not endanger themselves on the Internet.’

Fireworld has given two different explanations for the article.

It said to Libération the article was ‘not intended to be read’. The article was ‘solely to improve internet search engine rankings.’

They said in an email to franceinfo the article was written ‘by an external.’

‘It does not reflect the ideas of Fireworld. We will contact the author of the article upon his return from vacation on August 27.’