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Gay British First Dates TV star says he was called a faggot, punched after appearance

Gay British First Dates TV star says he was called a faggot, punched after appearance

There was an awkward first date for Daniel and Paolo

First Dates star Daniel May has revealed he was attacked days after appearing on the Channel 4 show.

The 26-year-old general manager was paired with Italian Paolo Delogu two weeks ago.

During the date, Delogu admitted to wearing women’s heels. May then told Delogu it was not ‘normal’ for a man to wear women’s shoes.


The date did not go well.

While May was not exactly a hit with the public, the reaction became worse after he gave an interview with the website Guys Like U.

‘I really don’t find camp men attractive at all. I am gay for a reason and that’s because I like a man to be a man. I like a man who can kick and punch me in the bedroom, not scream like Bambi,’ he said.

‘I really do believe certain gay men make it really really hard for us gay guys who are not camp. Unfortunately we still live in a world where being gay in not fully accepted and there are certain gay men out there that I cringe at and they make me embarrassed to be gay myself.’

He added: ‘What pissed me off the most is that people think because we are gay we should accept and find everyone who is gay attractive. And when we don’t, we are bad people because out of everyone we should be the most understanding. It’s utter bollocks…. I am with Russell Tovey all the way, do you think you could hook us up? Lol!’

A couple of days after the interview went live and viral online, May then made a video.

My public apology…. “Camp men make me embarrassed to be gay”

Posted by Daniel May on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A day later, May said he was attacked.

A lot of you will be happy to hear that I was attacked on the way home…. “Oi… Your that faggot off the tv” I’m sure it’s made a lot of your nights…

Posted by Daniel May on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

May’s PR agent told Gay Star News that he was walking home from work when a couple of thugs called him ‘faggot off the TV’. He didn’t say anything back, but when they approached him, he confirmed he was on First Dates.

‘One of them went to punch him, Dan tried to deflect it with his bag, but the fist managed to catch his face. His nose was bleeding quite severely. When Daniel got home, he called me right away.’

The PR agent also confirmed May has not reported the attack to the police.