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First Dates viewers can’t help but squee at this cute accepting LGBTI moment

First Dates viewers can’t help but squee at this cute accepting LGBTI moment

A trans woman and a pansexual guy went on an amazing date

First Dates had a beautiful LGBTI moment on last night’s episode (19 November).

The show sees strangers meet for a blind date at a restaurant in London.

Viewers saw 25-year-old Danni, a trans woman, go on a date with 28-year-old Aiden.

Quickly, sparks flew, as the pair got to know each other.

First Dates has amazing LGBTI moment

Danni, who works as a make-up artist and model, instantly seemed like a good match for bar manager Aiden.

Both admitted to being a little hungover, having had a heavy night before.

‘I’m still wearing the same clothes I went out in last night,’ Aiden confessed.

But then their connection deepened when Danni opened up about her gender identity.

‘I’m setting up a lingerie brand. Basically I was very frustrated looking for lingerie…’ she started.

‘I basically want to make products because I couldn’t find anything made for trans women. Which is me!

‘Oh my god I’m so happy I got that out of the way.’

Aiden smiled, and said: ‘I didn’t notice. I didn’t realize. It’s not a problem for me.’

Their connection deepened even more when Aiden revealed he was pansexual.

The couple were so taken with each other that they agreed to a second date.

Viewers love the couple

Viewers loved the couple.

India Willoughby, trans broadcaster, said: ‘Danni you’re beautiful – well done tonight!’

Others on Twitter said: ‘danni and aiden. I love this show.’

Another said: ‘Me and Charlotte are quietly weeping at how sweet that trans/pansexual date was.’

One said: ‘Really pleased for Danni and Aiden’

But do Danni and Aiden have a future? Turns out no.

On Twitter, Aiden revealed it’s unlikely they’ll be seeing each other in the future.

He said: ‘I lost her number and she hasn’t text me so we don’t talk now.’

Ah well. True love will come!

First Dates continues next Monday on Channel 4.

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