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Channel 4 show First Dates accused of spreading biphobia

Channel 4 show First Dates accused of spreading biphobia

First Dates is currently in it's ninth series

Channel 4 TV show First Dates is being accused of spreading biphobia without challenge.

In an episode aired last night (23 October), 21-year-old lesbian Zoe went on a date with Grace.

A cut away saw Zoe explaining she has an issue with finding ‘an actual real lesbian.’

She says everyone around her age is ‘experimenting’ and going around kissing both guys and girls.

For this reason, she is struggling to find someone who is ‘genuine.’

Zoe then says: ‘And then it is kind of like, we swapped numbers last night but is she gay in the morning?’

She then asks her date, Grace, if she’s ‘gay or…’

Grace replied yes, she is a typical ‘invisible lesbian’.

Watch the clip here.

Channel 4
Channel 4

‘There’s always stigma’

Women have taken to Twitter to express their annoyance.

One Twitter user said: ‘Always root for lesbians/wlw on #FirstDates but like nah. biphobia isn’t cute.’

Another added: ‘Bisexuals aren’t genuine enough apparently!’

GSN spoke to bisexual YouTuber NeonFiona about the comments.

She explained: ‘There’s always that stigma around bisexuals on the “lesbian” dating scene.

‘It’s just nonsense because every single piece of stigma is purely based in falsities like bisexuals will cheat, or leave a girl for a man, etc.

‘Bisexual people are always not quite gay enough for LGBTQ+ scenes, but obviously we’re not straight so we don’t fit into those communities either. People think it’s a phase, or we’ll go back to men eventually. It’s nonsense.’

Channel 4
Channel 4
Channel 4

‘Dating as a bisexual is hard’

Lewis Oakley is a bisexual activist who has written for a variety of news outlets about the issues bisexuals face.

He explained to GSN: ‘Dating as a bisexual is hard, It’s possibly the only sexuality where your attractions actually make you less attractive to the people you find hot, it’s a cruel circle.

‘I think people just need to be mindful of what they say, we receive comments that just wouldn’t be acceptable if it were said about any other minority, even within our own LGBT community questioning bisexuals and insinuating they aren’t ‘genuine’ is seen as fair game.’

‘It’s 2017. Google things.’

Issues that face the bisexuality community need to be highlighted more in NeonFiona’s opinion.

She told GSN: ‘There definitely isn’t enough attention given to biphobia or bi-erasure because if there was we wouldn’t be dealing with this still.

‘I personally believe in calling in biphobic people, as opposed to calling them out. Biphobia is often stemmed in ignorance so by educating them we can start to tackle the problem.

The bi YouTuber added lightheartedly: ‘It’s 2017, you can Google things.’

Oakley added to GSN ‘in a way’ he is glad the comments were aired.

He explained: ‘It’s important for media to hold a mirror to society and tell us what’s going on. We shouldn’t shy away from these things and I wouldn’t want them to edit biphobia away as if it doesn’t exist.’

Oakley points out the Complicated report by Equality Network which revealed 66% of bisexuals only ‘felt a little’ or ‘not at all’ part of the LGBT community.

He says: ‘What’s important now is for us to discuss it and to make sure this kind of behavior just isn’t acceptable.’

Channel 4
Channel 4

‘Inclusivity, sincerity and honesty’

The show has come under fire before for airing controversial comments.

Earlier this month, one man on a date told a story of how he got ‘catfished by a tranny.’

Outraged viewers took to Twitter to ask how the comments were allowed to be aired.

Gay Star News contacted Channel 4 for their response.

They said: ‘First Dates is renowned for its inclusivity, sincerity and honesty.  The dates include real conversations from a broad range of social groups who reflect on their own experiences of dating.

‘Zoe is talking about women who have had relationships with her for the night and then told her they are straight.’

NeonFiona explained: ‘First Dates can’t pretend to embrace the LGBTQ+ community while simultaneously crapping all over it.

‘While showing same-gender couples on dates and normalizing our relationships is great, it’s tainted by continued comments against bi and trans people.’

Channel 4
Channel 4