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First Hebridean Pride condemned as ‘sad and shameful’ by religious leader

First Hebridean Pride condemned as ‘sad and shameful’ by religious leader

The harbor of Stornoway, capital of the Isles of Lewis and Harris.

The organizers of the first Hebridean Pride event have asked for support after religious leader condemned the parade.

The Hebrides, an archipelago off the coast of mainland Scotland, are about to host their first LGBTI event. The parade will take to the streets of the capital Stornoway on 6 October.

Despite the excitement of the local LGBTI community, however, not everybody is happy about the march.

Reverend Graeme Craig, minister of Stornoway Free Church of Scotland, called the event ‘sad and shameful’.

This negative reaction follows another anti-LGBTI episode in Inverness, capital of the Highlands, where people are petitioning to stop a Pride Ness event.

Hebridean Pride is ‘nothing to be proud about’

‘Whatever form sexual immorality may take, it is nothing to be proud about,’ he said.

‘It will point people, particularly the young, on a wrong direction when it comes to identity, relationships and sexual fulfillment.’

Craig furthermore added: ‘The sooner society returns to recognizing basic biology and promoting faithful, monogamous, heterosexual marriage, the more content it will be. “Following our Maker’s Instruction is always the wise thing to do.’

Reverend Craig belongs to the Continuing branch which split from the Free Church of Scotland in 2000. This branch is known for its ultra-conservative views. For example, it recently objected to the creation of a mosque in Stornoway, which it described as a ‘most unwelcome development’.

‘Only a matter of time’

Organisers of Hebridean Pride said it was ‘only a matter of time’ before the church commented on the parade.

They are resiliently promoting the parade on social media and are asking for support.

‘We can make this not a big event now, but a HUGE EVENT and maybes just maybe… some understanding and acceptance can sneak into our lovely island,’ reads the description of the event on their Facebook page.

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