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First member of Latin King Goonies gang who tortured gays is sentenced

First member of Latin King Goonies gang who tortured gays is sentenced

The first member of New York City’s Latin King Goonies gang to be sentenced over the torture of three males they believed to be gay will spend seven years in prison for his crimes.

Gang member Nelson Falu, now 20, was sentenced August 9 in a plea bargain offered by prosecutor Theresa Gottlieb who told the Bronx Supreme Court that his victims would rather strike a deal than have to relive what she called their ‘nightmare’ on the witness stand.

Eight members of the gang were arrested in October of 2010 after they sexually tortured a 17-year-old recruit they thought was gay and then lured a 30 year old man and another 17-year-old to an apartment and sexually tortured them too.

The Latin King Goonies believed the 30 year old man had had sex with both 17-year-olds and lured them to the apartment by convincing there was a party happening there.

The males were robbed and sexually assaulted by the gang with the handle of a toilet plunger and a small baseball bat and burned with cigarettes and a cigarette lighter during their ordeal which lasted hours, during which gang members shouted homophobic slurs at them.

Falu and two other gang members accepted plea deals in June. It remains to be seen what the other five accused will do.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg called the incident sickening in 2010.

‘Like many New Yorkers, I was sickened by the brutal nature of these crimes and saddened by the anti-gay bias that contributed to them,’ Bloomberg said.

‘The heartless men who committed these crimes should know that their fellow New Yorkers will not tolerate their vicious acts, or the hatred that fuels them.’