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First Mr Gay Namibia mugged

First Mr Gay Namibia mugged

The winner of the first-ever Mr Gay Namibia is recovering from being attacked with a glass bottle after being followed by two men while on his way home.

Wendelinus Hamutenya was hit in on the head, face and ribs in the assault in the country's capital, Windhoek, which led to him being treated in a private clinic for 24 hours.

Gay rights group Out-Right Namibia said it 'strongly condemns the homophobic, and what could be a politically motivated, attack on the first ever Mr Gay Namibia, Wendelinus Hamutenya'.

'He has laid a charge of assault against his attackers. The men approached him and requested the money he won at the Mr Gay competition,' said Mr Gay Namibia boss Joe Gerstmay on 9 December.

After a short confrontation, one of the attackers kicked Hamutenya to the ground, while the other grabbed his mobile phone and wallet.

Hamutenya  – who won the title in November – is set to take part in the Mr Gay World 2012 contest in neighbouring South Africa next April.

Namibia has not passed any laws against gays or lesbians and its constitution forbids discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.