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First openly gay woman elected as premier of Ontario, Canada

First openly gay woman elected as premier of Ontario, Canada

Liberal politician Kathleen Wynne has been elected Premier of Ontario, making history twice as she becomes the province’s first female premier and the first openly gay premier in Canada.  

The results were announced on 12 June and saw Wynne, who represents the liberal party, be officially elected as Ontario’s premier.

61-year-old Wynne, who is openly lesbian, brought her partner on stage with her to make her victory speech.

To cheers, applause and a soundtrack of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’, Wynne made her victory speech in a red suit dress.

‘That thing I said in my leadership about how Ontarians do not hold prejudices in their hearts, that Ontarians want to be an open and inclusive people, we have so proven that tonight,’ she said.

‘I want our kids to feel that as they grow up in our schools and understand what a gift it is to live in a place like this, where anyone can be the premier.’

Brenda Cossman, co-chair of the WorldPride Human Rights Conference, agreed with Wynne’s sentiments about growing acceptance and equality.

‘It was a nasty campaign, but at no point did anybody even consider making homophobic slurs, and I think that does say something about the extent of equality and social inclusion that gays and lesbians have received in the province,’ she told CBC news Canada.

‘This kind of leadership can be nothing but a good role model for younger people who are either struggling with their own sexuality or are struggling with the bullies around them.’

Wynne’s team went on to tweet some of the key moments from her speech.

‘I’m proud to be standing in front of you tonight as the first woman to be elected Premier of Ontario,’ said Wynne.

Wynne came out as a lesbian at the age of 37, she had a previous relationship with a man with whom she has three children. She now lives with her partner Jane Rounthwaite who she married in 2005.

Later this month sees Canada host the World Pride celebrations. From 20 – 29 June Toronto will host the event which will incorporate activism, education and history into gay pride parties and parades.