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A first for Puerto Rico as lesbian lawyer is nominated for a seat in Supreme Court

A first for Puerto Rico as lesbian lawyer is nominated for a seat in Supreme Court

A lesbian lawyer has become the first openly gay person to be nominated for a seat in Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court.

Maite Oronoz Rodriguez made history as Governor of Puerto Rico Alejandro Garcia Padilla made the nomination on 4 June.

At the press conference after her nomination, she thanked her partner.

‘Thank you for your unconditional support through the hardest of times, and through the best of times, like today… I wouldn’t be here without you,’ she said about her partner Gina Mendez Miro.

Both women are especially successful and high-profile.

Oronoz Rodriguez is the director of legal affairs for San Juan and Mendez Miro is chief of staff for Puerto Rico Senate President Eduardo Bhatia.

Oronoz Rodriguez went on to describe herself as an open book.

‘I am conscious of the enormous responsibility that has come to me,’ she said.

Pedro Julio Serrano, from Puerto Rican equal rights group Puerto Rico Para [email protected], said the nomination was a huge step.

‘I congratulate, thank and celebrate Maite and Gina for living openly their love, for loving their homeland so much and for loving themselves openly,’ he said.

‘Today we take a historic step in the right direction that demonstrates that Puerto Rico is for all of us. The governor has made an excellent nomination.’

Oronoz Rodriguez’s partner, quite naturally, agreed.

‘The governor has exercised his constitutional knowledge, and named someone who he understands is the best candidate. And I agree with him,’ said Mendez Miro.

News source reports the nomination is another step in LGBT equality Puerto Rico has seen since Alejandro Garcia Padilla assumed office in January 2013.

He has signed four pro-gay bills into law so far.

In May 2013, Garcia Padilla passed bills to protect gay people from discrimination and domestic violence.