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Five gay men in Jamaica trapped inside their home by angry mob

Five gay men in Jamaica trapped inside their home by angry mob

Five gay men became trapped in their home in Jamaica by a mob of people who believed they made statements aimed at trying to turn young people in their village gay.

Police in the village of Green Mountain were able to finally disperse the crowd in the incident last week that surfaced on YouTube today. The gay men were taken to safety by police.

”We have young youth growing up, and what they (gays) want to do is take them and put them in a different direction,’ said one angry man identified on a newscast as Garnet. ‘When we can bear the hunger and don’t stoop to certain level, the youth really cannot do that. That is what really started all of this.’

‘We’re not going to stand for it,’ he also said. ‘We’re going to take action.’

It is not known what, if any, statements the men made to incite the mob’s fury.

In the transcript of a local news report on the incident, a newsreader states: ‘The fear, ignorance and misconceptions of homosexuality are the primary causes of rampant anti-gay violence and pervasive intolerance towards gays living in Jamaica. The church sows and nourishes this seed of hatred within our society.’

It’s the latest in a series of anti-gay incidents in the country.

Just last month, a Jamaican cross-dressing teen was ‘chopped and stabbed’ to death by a mob.

The 17-year-old was dressed as a woman and dancing with another guy at a party in St James. At the party by the river, a woman recognized the teen as a male and told other people.

Last year, two men were savagely attacked for having sex in a university toilet in Jamaica. They were attacked and by a mob of onlookers, and security officers of a Jamaican university.