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Five stylish sex toys to drive any female body wild

Five stylish sex toys to drive any female body wild

  • We test-drive five of LELO’s top female products to discover new ways to sexual pleasure.
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SPONSORED: Finding moments of pleasure seems more important now than it has in many years – and that should include sexual pleasure too.

So I’m delighted to have discovered LELO, a company that has made sex toy design an artform. It tested five of their best vibrators for female bodies in a lot of detail so I can help you make discerning choices about your future playmates. 

From the moment the vibrators arrived it was a sensory experience. The minimalist matt black and gold packaging was sleek and fleek. Inside, I could see the beautifully encased vivid vibrators and glimpse their futuristic feel and elegant ergonomics.

Each product came with a shiny satin drawstring pouch, USB charger and a sachet of personal moisturiser. There’s also a warranty card and – as these toys can pleasure you in multiple ways – directions on how to find their instructions online.

It all carried the promise of sensory fun. So it’s hardly surprising I was excited as I watched them charge from my computer. In fact, it was hard to focus on my work as I waited in anticipation for their flashing lights to cease and be ready for Hello LELO.

Tiani 3

Tiani 3.
Tiani 3. LELO

I got off to a cracking start with this couple’s vibrator even though it’s designed to be shared with a partner/s. The device is made up of two pieces; a hand held spaceship-like controller and a wishbone shaped vibrator for use in your choice of orifices. 

I loved the fact that the remote control vibrates in sync with the vibrator. That means if someone else is using the controls, they can understand the sensations of the speed and pulsations they are giving you.

In fact, there are so many variations it’s actually exhausting. There’s plenty to play with here over multiple sessions so keep exploring – you will not be disappointed. 

You are able to flip, twist and move the control to different heights to increase the speed and intensity. It’s like you are in control of a pulsating spaceship. Faster movements increase the intensity.

Meanwhile the actual vibrator part is heavy and wide on the clit allowing it to cover the whole area which is a real bonus.

I easily reached three clitoral orgasms. Overall, this is a good all-round clitoral stimulator. And the tech is impressive – it even stops when you put it down to save on charge.

Soraya 2

Soraya 2.
Soraya 2. LELO

The Soraya 2 rabbit vibrator has a very sleek, smooth, comfortable design. LELO has cleverly managed to shape it for synchronised internal penetration and clitoral stimulation. Meanwhile, the controls are really easy to reach with a huge variety of settings to satisfy all needs.

What I loved most was how versatile it is. It allows you to interchange zones so you are always having at least two areas stimulated.

You are able to switch from deep vaginal penetration and clitoral pleasure to vaginal and anal. Or you can even use the smaller end for your G-spot or anal whilst getting an extra clitoral hit with the longer end, which reaches perfectly. The possibilities are endless with this one. 

This is a good all-rounder for full pleasure and you can use it alone or with a partner(s). Unsurprisingly, I achieved two clitoral and two internal orgasms.

Ora 3

Ora 3.
Ora 3. LELO

While the other toys were fairly self-explanatory to me without having to use the downloadable manual, the Ora 3 took me a little longer to work out.

But I soon discovered this oral sex simulator replicates a tongue – but better. Once you get the hang of it, it can give you a combination of different vibration patterns. Then an ultra-smooth rotating node stimulates the feeling of indulgent oral pleasure.

I’m still not sure it really feels like a tongue. But then again, toys don’t just have to replicate what a partner can do, they can take you to whole new adventures. Meanwhile, it looks and feels smooth and sleek and gives a wide range of vibration intensities.

Sona 2 Cruise

Sona 2 Cruise.
Sona 2 Cruise. LELO

Once you get over the fact that this clit sucker looks like a ballet shoe with a seahorse-like sucker mouth then you are guaranteed a truly intense experience.

You hold the ballet shoe shiny side up and it literally sucks your clitoris. You are able to comfortably meander through a vast amount of settings and then comes the most surprising part…

As the intensity grows it begins to play a rhythmic baseline in time with the sucking like a retro Korg synthesizer, which brings you on home!

I had to record it and send to my friends – it was highly unexpected but kind of joyful at the same time. 

For me the experience was somewhat intense and took a lot of concentration as the Sona 2 Cruise just literally focuses on your clitoris, if that is your bag then this is definitely for you. An absolute 100% success rate – I predict multiple clitoral orgasms, guaranteed.

Gigi 2

Gigi 2.
Gigi 2. LELO

This feels like more of a traditional vibrator product with a different control set up than all the others. It felt very much like the outsider of the group and not in step with the other space age products.

However this G-spot vibrator is LELO’s bestseller and for a reason – it is designed to accurately target your G-spot and clitoris. 

It benefits from being light and compact with eight pleasure settings. Plus it’s pretty quiet too and is 100% waterproof for shower and bath time fun. 

Again, this product only stimulates one zone at a time so it can be used firstly as a clitoral massager before heading on over to explore G-spot land. 

It took a bit of practice and trying various positions to get the angle just right for the flattened head to sit comfortably on the G-spot and also a few times of running through the controls to find the continuous mode. But once found, you’re up and running.

The website gives instructions and illustrations on how to use the product to get the best out of your toy. I enjoyed the fact it was light, compact and quiet and it gave me a warm-up clitoral orgasm followed by a G-spot orgasm.

Time to be sex positive

LELO offers high quality products which both look beautiful and deliver amazing sensations. Plus the website and manual instructions are equally well designed to help you get the most out of the toys.

I believe we should all embrace sex, intimacy and sex toys whatever our gender and genitalia. It’s good to discover a company who shares this attitude and I hope LGBT+ community can also benefit from this inclusive approach.

LELO is a GSN client.