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Flashmob celebrates Mumbai Pride

Flashmob celebrates Mumbai Pride

Queer Azaadi Mumbai staged a very public celebration of gay pride last night with a Bollywood dance flashmob on the city’s Marine Drive.

‘It was fantastic,’ one of the organisers Pallav Patankar told Gay Star News. ‘We were worried that too many people were going to come, that we were going to be mobbed, but it was fine. People were really taking part. The response has been fantastic.’

The songs were choreographed and rehearsed beforehand by about 150 dancers. After a couple of Bollywood numbers, they joined hands in a circle and a breakdancer took centre stage. The dances were greeted by cheers from the crowd, many of whom were passers-by on the promenade popular for sunset strolls.

The flashmob ended with the unfurling of a rainbow banner and a call and responses of  'I am gay. That's ok. I am a lesbian. That's ok.'

Queer Azaadi Mumbai is hosting several LGBT-empowering events this week before the Pride March on Saturday.