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Man’s coming out tweet goes unexpectedly viral

Man’s coming out tweet goes unexpectedly viral

Adam Fletcher came out via Twitter

A Californian man has seen his coming out tweet go viral.

Adam Fletcher, 35, of Orange County, works in the gaming industry. On 30 December he posted a tweet to reveal he is gay.

‘I’ve typed this tweet maybe 10+ times this year because I haven’t figured out a proper way of saying it…’ he began.

‘I’m gay.

‘I’ve been scared to say it forever, but damn does it feel good to say now!

‘Close friends and some co-workers know, but the general public doesn’t.’

‘Very conservative’ family

The original tweet has been liked over 23,000 times and prompted thousands of comments. Fletcher went on to explain why he’s previously struggled talking about his sexuality. And why he wanted to make it public.

‘Why am I saying this publicly now? It’s tough to say. I’ve had a ton of fear from friends and work to not say anything. Fear that friends would shun me. Fear that it would hold me back career wise as bad apples always exist on a tree.

‘And of course the fear of my family. Will I ever tell them? Time will tell.

‘Everyone has told me that they will understand but I know many don’t know them like I do. Right now, they are very conservative and I have a heavy fear of losing my family from my life.

‘I still love them despite not seeing eye to eye and I can’t have that empty spot in my life without them.

‘What made me okay with this saying now? The two things I feared… work and friends made me feel okay.

Support from friends and work

‘I have a close group of friends that have been incredibly supportive,’ he says. ‘These wonderful people have given me more confidence and support. I’ve been able to lean against them through this when family wasn’t an option.’

Last January, Fletcher took on the role of esports product manager with Blizzard Entertainment.

‘As for work… I’ve been employed at some very great companies but Blizzard is another level,’ he goes on to say.

‘Blizzard and the culture of the company is super open and welcoming that I feel I can actually be me. It’s great and I’m thankful for it. Blizzard and the people there are amazing.

‘So here I am. I’m sure people will be against it, but it feels good to just say it.

‘I am gay. And now I’m damn happy.

‘Sorry if you’re against it.

‘Thanks for those that are supportive. ❤️

‘And for those who may be in the same situation…

‘Things really do get better. 👍🏻’


The response to his coming out was overwhelmingly positive.

‘When did we meet, like 8 years ago?’ said one acquaintance, @akamikeb, on Twitter. ‘It SUCKS to think that this whole time you felt you had to keep something like this to yourself, but I’m stoked that you’ve got it all out now!’

A response to the coming out tweet from Adam Fletcher


Others emphasized with the sense of freedom coming out can bring.

‘I came out when i was 25 and the release of being free from having to hide a part of me was worth it,’ commented @Asikaa604. ‘All the love and strength to you. Love always wins in the end.’

Adam Fletcher response tweet 2

Others just wanted to offer their congratulations and support.

‘This member of the general public feels honoured to have witnessed your coming out, is inspired by your courage, deeply desirous or your future happiness and always happy to offer whatever support that someone from the general public who you’ve never met, can offer. Blessings,’ said @RevDaniel.

Adam Fletcher response tweet 3

Coming out at work

Fletcher’s reluctance to come out earlier to colleagues is far from uncommon. Last year, LGBT advocacy group HRC revealed 50% of LGBT people are not out at work.

Fortunately, the tech and gaming industries are viewed as more embracing of diversity than some other sectors. Award-winning gamer Sonic Fox, who last year described himself as ‘super gay’, is among those making waves in the world of esports.

Many people choose social media to come out, but not everyone sees the announcement go viral. Fletcher, because of his role in the esports industry, has a large following, which partly why so many are commenting on his tweet.

For others, it’s Fletcher’s palpable sense of relief that touched a nerve.

Gay Star News reached out to Fletcher. He said he hadn’t expected it to go viral, but, ‘I have been really heartened by the response. People are good. I greatly appreciate the kind words and support. I have seen a few negative reactions but I tend to ignore them.’

However, despite coming out on a public platform, he says he has yet to tell his family and will do so when the time is right.

‘As for family, they still don’t know as I noted and in due time I will tell them. They don’t use Twitter so I felt comfortable telling followers and friends on Twitter as that is mainly what I use the platform doing.’

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