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Florida group blasts Marvel Comics and Disney for comic book’s gay wedding

Florida group blasts Marvel Comics and Disney for comic book’s gay wedding

Don’t expect The Florida Family Association to send a wedding gift to newlyweds Northstar and Kyle whose wedding was featured in Astonishing X-Men #51 published last month.

The group blasts Marvel Comics and parent company The Walt Disney Company for the June issue of the comic book and asks its members to send emails urging Disney, Marvel and comic retailers to pull the issue from the stands.

‘It is shameful that two companies like Marvel and Disney would deliberately create a superhero homosexual wedding for our children to embrace,’ the group states on its website. ‘These companies should show more respect to the overwhelming majority of families who do not want their children targeted with immoral social propaganda through comics.’

Northstar is a former mutant member of Alpha Flight and was the first character in the X-Men franchise to ever come out as gay. Northstar, who can move and fly at supersonic speeds, gains superhuman powers through his mutation and he uses them for the betterment of society.

Northstar first said the words "I am gay" in a 1992 issue of Alpha Flight #106 which sold out in a week. Previously, his apparent lack of interest in women was implied to be due to his obsessive drive to win as a ski champion.

But his sexuality was not focused on in the rest of the Alpha Flight series. It wasn’t until Northstar joined X-Men as a regular in 2002. His relationship with Kyle, a sports manager at his company, was revealed in 2009.