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Florida man says rights violated after arrest for ‘I eat a*s’ bumper sticker

Florida man says rights violated after arrest for ‘I eat a*s’ bumper sticker

eating ass bumper sticker arrested first amendment

A Florida man said his rights have been violated after police arrested him for an ‘I eat ass’ bumper sticker.

Police arrested Dillon Shane Webb, 23 of Salt Lake City, on Sunday (5 May). They charged him with possession of obscene material, a first-degree misdemeanor, and resisting arrest for refusing to remove the bumper sticker, according to a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office report.

The deputy claimed the sticker violates Florida Statute 847.011 – a law dealing with obscene material. Critics of the law say that its ambiguous wording leaves too much up to interpretation. Meaning anything can be seen as obscene.

The deputy noticed the sticker on the brown Chevrolet truck as it drove down US Highway 90. When he confronted Webb about the sticker, he replied they were ‘just words’, according to the Lake City Reporter.

The deputy then asked Webb how ‘a parent of a small child would explain the meaning of the words’. Webb replied it would be ‘up to the parent’.

Webb was issued a notice to appear at the Columbia County Courthouse on 23 May. He took a photo of the sticker to place into evidence.

He then asked Webb to remove one of the letters from the word ‘ass’ so the sticker would ‘no longer be derogatory’.

Webb, however, said it is against his First Amendment rights to censor the sticker.

The deputy then arrested Webb and took him to Columbia County Detention Facility.

All for the crime of loving eating ass.

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