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Football fan charged by police following homophobic chants

Football fan charged by police following homophobic chants

King Power Stadium, where the arrests took place

Leicester City Football Club evicted fans from King Power Stadium during a match following homophobic chants.

Police are reviewing footage of the incident. It has been reported two fans were arrested on suspicion of ‘homophobic related offenses.’

The incident happened in the final leg of a Leicester City verses Brighton and Hove Albion match.

The match took place 19 August.

Police charged one of the two men arrested for chanting indecently under Section 3 of the Football Offences Act.

He is due to appear at Leicester Magistrates’ Court on September 14.

The police gave the second man a conditional caution.

Stewards ejected three people from the ground for disorderly behavior. Two were Brighton fans and one was a Leicester City fan.

‘It’s not banter’

Graham Smith is the chairman of Foxes Pride, a group for LGBTI Leicester supporters. He reminds people this type of language is unacceptable.

‘When people use homophobic chanting they’re actually talking about a person’s identity and it’s unacceptable if one person does it. Never mind a whole section,’ he said. ‘It’s unacceptable in the same way as racist language is unacceptable – it’s not banter.’

Brighton hosts a Pride festival each year, attended by people from all over the world.

The fans disappointed Leicester City Football Club with their behavior.

A representative for Leicester City told Leicester Mercury:  ‘We are committed to creating a passionate, inclusive, welcoming environment at King Power Stadium, in which everyone is free to enjoy the matchday experience.’

The Gay Football Supporters Network is a social network for LGBT fans. They reported on the regular homophobic abuse faced by Brighton and Hove Albion supporters four years ago.

‘This incident serves only to remind us that we must continue to work hard in order to create the environment where everyone can participate in football without fear of suffering abuse.’

They are sad to see nothing has changed.