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Football fan fined for shouting ‘queer’ at supporters of rival team

Football fan fined for shouting ‘queer’ at supporters of rival team

King Power Stadium, where the arrests took place

A Leicester City Football Club fan admitted to shouting ‘queer’ three times at the game on 19 August.

Leicester Magistrates’ Court fine Jason Holmes a total of £300 ($407).

He will also have to pay £85 ($115) in court costs and a £30 ($40) victim surcharge.

The match saw Leicester City Football Club play against Brighton and Hove Albion.

Holmes was one of two men arrested for chanting indecently under Section 3 of the Football Offences Act.

The police gave the second man a conditional caution.

Holmes pleaded guilty.

He said: ‘I know I shouldn’t have done it. At the time I just thought it was football banter. I know I did wrong.’

The Crown Prosecution Service contacted Kick It Out, a campaign against discrimination in football.

They run educational sessions about discrimination in football.

Kick It Out

Kick It Out offered Holmes the chance to attended such a session to understand the impact of his behavior. He chose to accept the offer.

Roisin Wood is the chief executive of Kick It Out.

She said: ‘At Kick It Out, we encourage rehabilitation through education for individuals or groups that act in a discriminatory manner, where appropriate.’

Football fan charged by police following homophobic chants