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Football manager convicted of sodomy in Uganda

Football manager convicted of sodomy in Uganda

Chris Mubiru, the former boss of Sports Club Villa, has been convicted of sodomy in Kampala,

Uganda three years after explicit pictures of him having sex with another man appeared in the country’s press.

According to Uganda’s Daily Monitor, the man was found ‘guilty of having carnal knowledge of his victim’ Emmanuel Nyanzi.

Buganda Road Chief magistrate Flavia Nabakooza added that the prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.

Mubiru was acquitted on a second count of sodomy because his partner, George Oundo, consented.

Murbiru’s sentence has yet to be announced; according to SMSMediaUganda he will be sentenced on September 18.

In July a doctor claimed Mubiru, who also managed Uganda Cranes, was tortured to ‘prove’ he’s not gay, after he was outed by Ugandan tabloid Red Pepper in 2012. He was first arrested in 2009.

The newspaper printed pornographic pictures across their front page with the headline: ‘SMOKED OUT! Uganda Cranes boss nabbed sodomizing players – Shocking pictures inside.’

Other captions included: ‘MASTER AT WORK: Mubiru nails the boy’s butt,’ and ‘END GAME: The boy struggles to stand up after the bum shattering session.’