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Football team fired after hurling anti-gay insults at rivals

Sweden, the home of football's only openly gay pro player Anton Hysén, is shocked after footballers shouted homophobic insults

Football team fired after hurling anti-gay insults at rivals

A Swedish football club has fired all of their players after complaints they had hurled homophobic remarks at members of a rival team.

During a recent Division Seven match with the Stockholm Snipers, players from Sörskogens IF were heard shouting insults such as ‘you suck cock for 50 kronor’, ‘all of you have HIV’, and ‘we’re probably going to get infected’.

Club chair Ketil Torp said: ‘We had no choice but to suspend the entire team. That kind of language isn’t appropriate for football or anywhere else.’

Speaking to local radio station Sveriges (SR), Torp added it was ‘damaging’ for the club.

‘We distance ourselves from all insults. Clearly it’s damaging for the club to have players who don’t follow the rules,’ the Local reports he said.

Stockholm Snipers coach Christoffer Smitz said it was a ‘little unpleasant’ in the changing room after the game, saying one of the players was threatened physically.’

Sörskogens IF was fined 5,000 kronor ($757, £470, €579) by the Stockholm Football Association, which also demanded that top club officials attend a training course.

According to SR, it is the first time the Stockholm Football Association has penalized a club for homophobic behaviour.

Anton Hysén, the second ever professional player worldwide to come out, has found fame in his home country.

In 2012, he became the first ever gay man to win ‘Let’s Dance’, the Swedish version of Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars.

Speaking to The Guardian, Hysén said: ‘There’s nothing to be a role model for – you’re gay, it’s not a big thing.

‘People tell me I’m a celebrity now, and I shouldn’t be. But as long as it helps others by speaking openly, I’ll do everything I can.

‘If there’s anyone afraid of coming out, they should give me a call.’

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