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Only 63% of US soccer fans would feel comfortable with gay or bi players

Only 63% of US soccer fans would feel comfortable with gay or bi players

Forza Football teamed up with Stonewall for the report

Only 63% of US soccer fans would feel comfortable with gay or bisexual players in their national team.

This put the US in 16th place overall in terms of LGBTI acceptance.

This comes in comparison to 80% of UK football fans or 87% in Ireland and Iceland.

Forza Football is an app for football fans around the world to find out the latest match scores and socialize.

They teamed up with Stonewall for the report, which was released yesterday.

Forza surveyed 50,000 football fans worldwide.

Only 10% of Egyptian fans saying that would be comfortable with the idea of a gay or bisexual footballer representing their country. They came in last place.

70% of Austrian football fans say they’d be happy with LGBTI players on their national team.

Spain also ranked quite high.

75% of Spanish fans would be accepting of a gay or bi player on the Spanish football team.

Homophobia and LGBTI rights

Worldwide, 64% of fans felt FIFA should take into consideration LGBTI rights when choosing who will host international tournaments.

Ireland and Iceland, again, ranked the highest.

77% of Icelandic fans felt LGBT rights should be a factor in choosing tournament hosts.

Ireland was second, with 70%.

Russia came in the bottom four.

Only 26% of fans in Russia felt FIFA should consider LGBT rights.

They are hosting the next summer’s World Cup.

68% of the 50,000 footballs fans surveyed believes football clubs should help educate fans on homophobic abuse.

Fans were asked whether they felt clubs should play a part in that education process, with 68% surveyed worldwide believing they should be.

Spain ranked the highest.

82% of Spanish fans agreed football clubs should provide some form of education.

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