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Footballer Ravel Morrison admits homophobic tweet

Footballer Ravel Morrison admits homophobic tweet

Former Manchester United footballer Ravel Morrison has pleaded guilty to making homophobic remarks on Twitter.

The 19-year-old midfielder, who recently transferred from the world's most famous club to West Ham United, was last week charged by the UK's Football Association of 'using abusive and/or insulting words' in a tweet.

On Friday, he admitted to posting a comment in which he called someone a 'little faggot' but claimed he tweeted the remark in response to racist abuse which had been directed at him.

The FA said in a statement: 'West Ham United's Ravel Morrison has admitted a charge under FA rule E3 of using abusive and/or insulting words including a reference to a person's sexual orientation in relation to Twitter comments.

'Morrison has requested a non-personal hearing.'

The player's punishment will now be determined by the FA without Morrison appearing in person.

The FA made it clear in a letter to all players that comments on Twitter or other social networking sites which made 'reference to a person’s ethnic origin, colour, race, nationality, faith, gender, sexual orientation or disability may be considered aggravated and attract a higher disciplinary sanction.'

Oxford City striker Lee Steele was sacked last month for a homophobic tweet about gay rugby player Gareth Thomas, while former Everton and Manchester City defender Michael Ball was fined £6,000 for calling gay soap star Antony Cotton a 'fucking queer'.