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Forget cash and use bPay, the new, easy way to pay at London Pride

Forget cash and use bPay, the new, easy way to pay at London Pride

At Pride celebrations we all want to be as free as possible so Barclaycard have come up with a great way to get rid of the stress of carrying cash around with you, and Gay Star News is giving you the chance to use it.

Barclaycard are introducing the bPay band, a stylish and innovative new way to pay for transactions up to £20 without the hassle of dealing with cash and coins.

Available in pink or black, the bracelet-style bands look great; they fit all wrist sizes and are embossed with the word ‘Proud’ in honour of LGBTI pride month.

Using it is simple. Load it up with money, attach it to your wrist and you are ready to go.

Inside is a little chip, allowing you to make contactless payments in seconds wherever the technology allows, without having to use chip and pin credit or debit cards.

In their support of London’s LGBTI community, bPay is being launched at this year’s Pride in London.

And Gay Star News readers are among the first to have been told about bPay.

Readers who have already signed up will get to enjoy extra experiences and special offers at the LGBTI Pride in the UK capital tomorrow (28 June). Don’t worry if you haven’t, you can pick up a band tomorrow from the bPay Hub at the Golden Square Rainbow Fete.

So while you are enjoying the pride celebrations, look out for the contactless symbol. And keep hold of your band after Pride because you will still be able to use it wherever contactless payment is possible.

For more information and to sign up visit the website here.