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Former detective accused of sexually intimidating and raping male witnesses

Former detective accused of sexually intimidating and raping male witnesses

Former Philadelphia detective Philip Nordo, accused of rape

A former Philadelphia homicide detective pleaded not guilty on Tuesday (19 February) to numerous allegations of sexually intimidating, grooming, and raping male witnesses.

A grand jury report alleged Philip Nordo, 52, sexually abused his victims during ongoing cases for more than a decade of his career.

According to NBC Philadelphia, the grand jury further recommended several charges against Nordo.

In their report, they advised District Attorney Larry Krasner charge Nordo with felony counts of rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sexual assault, indecent assault, stalking, and dozens more related charges.

Nordo first joined Philadelphia’s police force in 1997. His bosses promoted him to detective in 2002, and he joined the homicide unit seven years later. The force fired him in 2017.

Disturbing allegations

The allegations against Nordo detail numerous disturbing accounts of the way he intimidated and groomed his victims to more readily obey him, as well as stay quiet.

In the grand jury report, they found he often volunteered to transport witnesses and inmates in order to remain close to him. They also said he most often targeted people already subdued with handcuffs.

He allegedly asked incarcerated individuals when schedules indicated the release of ‘homosexual inmates’.

In a reported 2005 incident, Nordo forced a suspect to masturbate in front of him. He then gave the suspect a cigarette.

This victim reported what happened and officers from Internal Affairs interviewed him. He was murdered 10 years later and the case remains unsolved.

Nordo also reportedly used numerous tactics to intimidate and blackmail the victims.

Some said he would display his firearm during the encounters, while the grand jury report indicated he used city money to pay off the victims. They said he ‘diverted up to $20,000 from the mayor’s office’s Crime Reward Program to the victims he favored’.

A judge denied Nordo bail and set his next hearing for late March.

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