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Former Florida governor Charlie Crist sorry for backing gay marriage ban

Former Florida governor Charlie Crist sorry for backing gay marriage ban

Former Republican governor of Florida turned Democrat, Charlie Crist, has apologized for endorsing a 2008 ballot initiative that banned same-sex marriage in the state’s constitution.

Crist, who is running for governor of Florida again as a Democrat, told Watermark Online that it was a mistake for him to sign a petition supporting the 2008 amendment and asked for the LGBTI community to forgive him for being politically expedient on the issue to try to please his then Republican base.

‘I’m sorry I did that. It was a mistake. I was wrong,’ Crist told Watermark.

‘As a Republican, on social issues I always felt I was a round peg in a square hole. I just didn’t fit. But I tried, until I couldn’t do it any more … until I had to say, “Enough is enough.”’

‘As a Democrat I don’t have to, and that’s why I’m so happy to be home … where I belong.’

Crist said that, with the Tea Party movement taking so much of a hold over the Republican Party, it no longer represented who he was.

‘I haven’t changed. I’ve stayed the same,’ Crist said.

‘The Republican Party, on the other hand, went nuts. I’m not there anymore, and I’ve never felt more comfortable, politically, than I do now as a Democrat. I wrote a book about all this; it comes out in February. The title is The Party’s Over … and I’m not talking about Democrats.’

Crist said he now believes there is enough support to legalize same-sex marriage in Florida – something that he hopes to achieve if elected.

‘Florida’s changing,’ Crist said, ‘She’s turning blue.’