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Foster parents accused of ‘turning’ kids trans exonerated in court

Foster parents accused of ‘turning’ kids trans exonerated in court

Mermaids faced a tough year in 2017, but this year the trans children charity are hopeful for change | Photo: Gay Star News

Foster parents accused of ‘turning’ kids transgender were exonerated in court last Friday (10 May).

The British foster parents, named CP and TP to protect the children’s identities, took in young people struggling with their gender identity.

Their own biological child is transgender. The daughter, at seven years old, was receiving support, love and care from the two parents. She is now 13.

Reports say the parents took steps to change her name by deed poll and get a new passport. At school, she said a few months later that ‘she did not think life was worth living’.

However, the 13-year-old is now said to be ‘prospering’.

Foster parents cared for kids struggling with gender identity

Following this, the foster parents took on other children struggling with their gender identity.

One foster child, at three years old, was taken to school dressed in a girl’s uniform.

Teachers then ‘expressly’ asked the foster couple to put the child in boys’ clothing.

Lancashire County Council’s social services investigated the couple.

The council accused the couple of ‘manipulating’ their children’s gender and were also risking causing them ‘significant emotional harm’.

The council wanted five children who were living with the couple to be taken into care. Two of them are biological and three are fostered.

However, the High Court judge has now exonerated the couple who just want to be good parents to trans kids struggling with their identity.

Mr Justice Williams said, according to The Times: ‘The evidence from almost all sources of how the children are prospering in the care of CP and TP provides very powerful support to the contention that CP and TP are good parents.’

The couple have been foster carers for 16 years.

Exonerated in court

Williams added: ‘The lives of the family should now proceed on the basis that those concerns were comprehensively dispelled as a result of the inquisitorial process that has been undertaken.

‘I observed during the course of the hearing that issues relating to gender identity and the medical understanding of such issues is complex and developing.’

Lancashire council has withdrawn its attempts to remove the children from the parents’ care.

Mermaids UK are a charity that gives support to parents with trans or gender-variant children. They also receive a lot of criticism in the mainstream press.

They say: ‘Transgender and gender variant children and young people need support and understanding, and freedom to explore their gender identity whatever the outcome. ‘

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