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Here are four 2017 calendar fundraisers you definitely should support

Here are four 2017 calendar fundraisers you definitely should support

What!? It’s already the end of September? And before you know it, Christmas is here!

Scary how time flies by so quickly, isn’t it?

Well, to get you prepped up — you know what they say, it’s better to be early than late — here are our top picks of the hottest, sexiest 2017 calendars you can get.

Whether as Christmas gifts for your friends (or your mom), or as a treat for yourself, because, you know what, you deserve it. #treatyoself

So are you ready? Here we go…

The Aussie Firefighter Calendar


Ooooo yassss, it’s definitely getting hot in here.

As featured previously, Firefighter Calendar Australia presents not only burning hot firemen who work really hard to serve their local community (and also thirst-trap the rest of the  world), but also super adorable puppies.

Fighting fire with hotness and cuteness combined

firefighter calendar

firefighter calendar

firefighter calendar

*parched* *dying*

The puppies photographed were actually from Safe Haven Animal Rescue Inc and were up for adoption.

Proceeds from the 2017 calendar will go to the Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Westmead Children’s Hospital Burns unit.

The calendar is also supporting Mates 4 Mates, an organisation that helps wounded and sick members and veterans of Australian Defence Force, as well as animal care and protection charity, RSPCA.

The calendar’s Instagram game is also very, very on point.


You can check out their website here for more sizzling updates and info.

Next up…

The Warwick Rowers

Well, when we talk about hot calendars supporting a good cause, how can we forget the Warwick rowing team?

These boys go all out each year to raise funds for their student rowing club as well as charitable initiative Sport Allies which aims to fight homophobia in sports and to raise awareness and support for LGBTQ athletes.

And yes, we do appreciate the guys doing so fully naked in front of the camera.

With that being said, do proceed with caution because you will be getting into NSFW territories.

Here are some SFW previews though:

Visit their Facebook page and their website for more information about orders. (Warning: Lots of buns)

And here’s a preview of their 2017 calendar (NSFW):

Now for more SFW stuff…

Haikus On Hotties Calendar

This Kickstarter campaign is combining hotties and poetry!

Featuring Asian American models and haikus, the calendar seeks to raise funds for Angry Asian Man, a blog that focuses on Asian American culture, as curated by writer and activist Phil Yu.

A cute pair of brothers, Yoshi (left) and Peter (right), head the project.

According to the Kickstarter page, Yoshi is an actor who plays the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Charge, while his brother Peter, who will be the Blue Ranger in next year’s Power Rangers Ninja Steel. 

They also have a YouTube channel Apartment210,


And here are some of the other models featured:

(Photo by Jeffery Andre)

Kenta Seki is a fitness instructor who hosts his own Total Body and Core workout videos on

Check out his very hot Instagram account.


This is Gerrard Lobo who acted in Netflix’s Master of None. The show just won the Emmy for ‘Best Writing for a Comedy Series.’


Celebrity chef Ronnie Woo is the host of LOGO’s Food to Get You Laid and a contributor on OWN’s Home Made Simple and Good Day LA.

He also made an appearance on the FABLife, where he shares his recipe for pan-fried chicken breasts with Chrissy Teigen with his shirt off.

Watch the calendar’s intro video here:

And last but not least…

The Dieux du Stade Calendar

Dieux du Stade, which translates to ‘Gods of the Stadium,’ is a project started off in 2001.

It features nude and semi-nude photographs of members of Stade Français, a Paris-based domestic French rugby team.

Over the years, the calendar has also widened its reach beyond rugby, including hunks from other sports such as judo, handball and mixed martial arts.

And as always, the calendar donates to different causes, and this year, a portion of the proceeds will go towards French breast cancer charity, ‘Le cancer du sein, parlons-en!’, or Let’s Talk About Breast cancer!’

Here’s the brand new teaser video for the 2017 calendar (NSFW):